Sunday, October 5, 2014

DIY: cheap D.I.A bra look alike

I should probably try to blog more that once a year? yeah I should. I'm sorry. I've returned to my former rather reclusive state and blogging is kinda putting yourself out there and..yeah.


I was bored yesterday and decided to bling up one of my black H&M bra's because why not?

first I looked for inspiration pictures online and the one I found was originally a bra I did want to buy from Petit Egoist ,but it was already sold out.

The design I wanted was this :

Picture taken from Petite Egoist on Facebook,you can find her store here

So the first thing I did was to start putting tape around the part where I would draw the spots later
and where I would fill in with fabric paint (because that's what I had laying around)
I did 2 layers of paint in the gaps you can see on this picture
Fill it in but be careful not to go over the tape on the top!

 After making the stripes on both sides with 2 layers of paint I found my leopard stencil,cut it up into a smaller section and held it over while I gently went over with fabric paint. Patience was key here as stencils are better used on flat surfaces and a bra just isn't that.

Also,don't forget to put half an inch/1cm of tape around the area of stripes so they don't bleed into each other!

Semi finished result. I'm still going to add some bling to it. rhinestones,a chain,a zipper like the original or something like that.

Pro tip! the bigger the stripes,the bigger your bust will look.
if you want a smaller bust you should opt for thinner stripes of gold.

Yes I know this isn't D.I.A but it's something. And for those who cant fit into them,whether they're petite or extravagant in the breast department,this is a nice tip on spicing up the childish snoopy/hello kitty bras or the dull solid looking ones from the maternity section.

Anyway,I hope you enjoyed this little quick post and maybe I'll post more of these in the future ^ ^

Thursday, February 6, 2014

D.I.A belt customizing

So I've been gone for a while yes I know, not because of lack of "life content" but rather because I do things on a whim. I've been rather creative and documenting the process when I'm in that mindset isn't really a priority to me. But this time my dear loyal readers I did^^

I bought this awesome belt and Japanese hips and me don't really go together,so ofc it didn't fit the way I wanted it to,so all that was left was me and my mind figuring what to do with it and me being the problem solver that I am came up with an easy breezy way to lengthen the belt without sacrificing it's identity and integrity of the design.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hair-status: Women and their hair

Long time no see?


in this post I'll address the need a large number of people seem to have nowadays,and its not restrained within a nations border. The need to "out" people,and more specifically when it comes to hair in all it's forms.
I actually wrote a blog post about this earlier but as I was kind of annoyed at the moment,it wasn't wise to post it back then. Still annoyed though,because there is a great double-standard going on when it comes the use of "fake" hair,synthetic or not.

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